I am Lauren Slowik and I am the maker of 3DIY, printable furniture hacks for Ikea furnitaure.

Contact me:  lauren [at] 3diy [dot] cc

3DIY is an exploration into the range of functions that a consumer 3D printer can perform. It takes shape as an Ikea furniture hacking kit. A DIY system in a sense, the Ikea build‑it‑yourself environment is the perfect opportunity to introduce a functional scenario to the consumer 3D printer repertoire. 3DIY will be distributed as a 3D model plugin download. Not unlike how home sewers learn to sew from patterns the design plugins will introduce the user to 3D hacking with projects that are easy, medium and difficult. Rapid customization is what makes 3D printers subvert their own purpose amid a world of exactitude and replication. When a consumer 3D printer is employed at the DIY design level the machine rejects the built-in implication of efficiency and replicability in favor of the idiosyncratic and personal.

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Lauren has contributed technology and design expertise to organizations such as Apple, MoMA, the UN, the Ms. Foundation, and Etsy.com. She is the Designer Evangelist - Education at Shapeways.com. Her work is focused on consumer 3D printing and the future of creativity in education. She lives in Brooklyn, NY. Canny Technologist, Savvy Luddite.